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Welcome to Sport Karate East, Dundee’s premier professional martial arts studio. 

If you are looking for a local martial arts studio where you or your child can train in an atmosphere that carefully balances fun, safety and effective martial arts training, then Sport Karate East provides that environment with a student-centric curriculum aimed at developing the maximum potential from each and every individual student. Whatever your desires are in joining our studio we are confident that we have the skill, knowledge and capability to help you reach your personal goals!


We pride ourselves on our warm welcoming atmosphere at the studio and the friendliness of our members. When new students come to train they are greeted by one of our friendly members of our coaching staff who provided a fun and supportive learning environment. The studio is a clean, bright and modern environment to develop your karate skills within. - Richard Mallinson MBA

We specialise in helping people develop a healthy body and mind and to feel more empowered through our high quality and comprehensive professional karate tuition.  Our goal of changing lives and changing the community through martial arts is evident in every lesson we teach. Success for us is measured by how well students take what they learn on the mat – character, confidence, integrity, self-control, humility, perseverance and courtesy – and apply it in their daily lives.



The majority of students who walk through our doors just want to belong to an activity that they can fully participate in. The feedback we receive from our students is that they cannot get enough of martial arts training due to the fact that there are no benchwarmers in our karate classes.  Whether you or your child, are; uncoordinated or an all-star athlete we have a place in our programme for you.

Our coaching staff enjoy nothing more than watching our students transform and grow as individuals regardless of where they start on the path to developing a healthy body and mind. We pride ourselves on the complete personal development of each student and we look forward to seeing you at our studio in the near future. 

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