Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette is a code of conduct essential to the proper practice of Karate Do. Without it their practice becomes meaningless.  Self-discipline and mutual respect for ones opponents are essential for safe Karate practice.  On entering and leaving the Dojo always bow [Rei].  On greeting ones Instructor [Sensei] or training partner bow and say Oos!  Students should do their utmost to carry out the training as laid down by their Instructor. No talking is permitted in the Dojo during training unless it is absolutely necessary.  


RespectCarrying-on is not allowed as it leads to injury.  Remember how hard you train directly affects others around you.  Never lean against the walls or sprawl about the Dojo floor.  Always sit upright cross-legged.  If you are waiting to train with a partner do not stand about or sit down but train in a similar manner to the rest of the class.


Students must make every effort to attend classes on time.  Do not leave the Dojo during training without your Instructors permission, as should you be ill, your Instructor requires too know.  When training with a partner both shall bow simultaneously before and after each section of training.


Make a habit of visiting the toilet before training.  This is especially important for children.  Students must keep their bodies clean, nails must be kept short, and Karate suits [Gi’s] should be clean and well pressed.


Any member arriving after training has commenced shall execute a kneeling bow at the edge of the training area, facing in the direction of the Instructor, before joining the class, and shall do an appropriate warm-up then join the training.


We at Sport Karate East are dedicated to teaching Shukokai Karate to the very highest standard. Our staff are vetted through Disclosure Scotland and are registered with The Scottish Karate Governing Body and carry professional indemnity insurance. Our staff stay at the forefront of coaching and attend regular seminars and courses to enhance their professional development.

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