Kids Programme


Unleash Potential!

Your child needs a structured programme in to which they can channel their energy, improve their focus / listening skills and aid their physical development. Therefore, if you need a programme that’s going to reinforce the discipline and life skills your child is being taught at home and in school, you’ve found it!


We not only develop outstanding Martial Artists, we develop outstanding people. To us karate is the perfect vehicle to inspire greatness in every student we teach.  Karate can not only produce a superb level of total physical fitness, karate also teaches mental discipline and emotional self-control.  Karate is a wonderful activity that can help both boys and girls alike to achieve complete body health and inner contentment, as it lifts their spirit and stimulates their mind.  At Sport Karate East we can help your child develop a healthy body and mind. Class Schedule  


A Three Step Approach to Excellence

Our programme is designed to develop kids in three specific areas: 

Physical Development involves control over particularly muscles and physical coordination. 

Cognitive Development focuses on information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill and language learning. 

Social Development governs the norms and conventions of human interaction, focusing on improving the lives of regular citizens.

We at Sport Karate East are dedicated to teaching Shukokai Karate to the very highest standard. Our staff are vetted through Disclosure Scotland and are registered with The Scottish Karate Governing Body and carry professional indemnity insurance. Our staff stay at the forefront of coaching and attend regular seminars and courses to enhance their professional development.

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