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Active Schools in partnership with SPORT KARATE EAST has created yet another British 4 Nations Karate Champion in the City of Discovery. 


Matthew O 4Ft 8 22The first British 4 Nations Karate Champion which this pathway in Dundee created was Matthew Pratt in 2016 and now in 2018 the City of Discovery’s Daisy Hutchison has been crowned British 4 Nations Karate Champion.


SportScotland revealed that KARATE is the fastest growing sport for female participation in the Active Schools and Daisy Hutchison’s story surely provides further evidence if any is required that the vision which SportScotland has of building a world class sporting system for everyone in Scotland resonates and they are delivering on that promise.  






Here is a short video of the Dundee's most recent British 4 Nations Karate Champion Daisy Hutchison going through her paces.


Spreading Throughout Dundee! - In partnership with Active Schools Dundee, Sport Karate East is enrolling participants for our satellite karate clubs across the city in designated Primary Schools.  Karate is an expanding sport in Dundee and we are delighted to be bringing this opportunity to your child’s school. The Active Schools Karate programme will offer children from P1 – P7 the opportunity to take up karate within their school and this programme will become a regular fixture in the school.


A School Success ExcellenceBetter Academic Grades

The Sport Karate East lessons may also assist a student with their ability to study, as concentration is definitely improved by Karate training. Did you know that kids who are physically active attain better academic grades?  Research shows that students who earn mostly “A”s are almost twice as likely to participate in regular physical activity than students who receive mostly “D”s to “F”s.  Physical activity can help students focus, improve behavior and boost positive attitudes.


If you wish your child to take part in these karate sessions, please review the Active Schools class schedule and complete the online application form as soon as possible to reserve a space for your child, as places are limited within the programme.  


Should you require further information about the Active Schools Karate programme please feel free to contact any of our coaching staff who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry. 

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We at Sport Karate East are dedicated to teaching Shukokai Karate to the very highest standard. Our staff are vetted through Disclosure Scotland and are registered with The Scottish Karate Governing Body and carry professional indemnity insurance. Our staff stay at the forefront of coaching and attend regular seminars and courses to enhance their professional development. 

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