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10,000 Kick Challenge

Twenty of SKE’s athletes participated in a 10,000 Kick Challenge!


Twenty of SPORT KARATE EAST’s young athletes participated in a 10,000 Kick Challenge to help raise much needed funds, to assist our athlete’s progression programme, today [Sunday 21st August 2016].  The challenge took place at our studio in Dundee and started at 11.26 am and continued until the goal of completing 10,000 kicks was achieved at 1.14pm.  This took one hour and thirty-eight minutes and the young athletes between them averaged 102 kicks per minute!

SPORT KARATE EAST is very grateful to each and every one who sponsored this event to assist our young athletes in their endeavours to compete, locally, nationally and internationally.

To date this momentous endeavour by Twenty of Sport Karate East’s young athletes has raised in excess of a FOUR figure sum, with still a number of our sponsors pledges to come in, we should see this figure grow further.

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