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Adult ‘4 Week Course’ on Karate Fundamentals


Our classes are based on real effective Karate principles…

…the way we conduct the classes keeps our students learning whilst being safe. 

Making sure that our classes are engaging, information packed and down right FUN is our trademark! 

From the drills we teach, to the way we warm up and stretch, your safety is our top priority 

Our students are here to learn something new and exciting, get fit and have fun doing it…

….within our classes you will be positively challenged… 

…we pride ourselves on being able to help students just like you find a champion within themselves: 

 Sometimes it’s the physical effort, that pushes you to achieve 

 Sometimes students have mental mountains that they must overcome 

 Sometimes it’s getting up enough nerve to start something new makes you feel like a champion. 


We know that! 

🏆 So, let’s find the champion in you! 

We have trained thousands of champions just like you here in Dundee since 2006

Our Karate Fundamentals Course consists of:

  • Improved Physical & Mental Well Being
  • Basic Punches
  • Basic Kicks
  • Fun Drills & Combinations
  • Impact Pad Work
  • Targeted Flexibility Training [TFT]
  • Lots and Lots of FUN
  • And Much Much More!


You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, so let’s get started today!

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