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Athletes Fundraiser


Hyakunin Kumite is the ultimate test of physical and mental perseverance.  The hundred-man/woman kumite challenge might well be seen as the ultimate test of physical and mental perseverance in Martial Arts, or for that matter, many other sports today.

SPORT KARATE EAST’s Youth Development Director Richard Mallinson planned to undergo 100 X 2-minute rounds of fighting [kumite] to help raise much need funds for SKE’s young athletes.  

The Man/Woman fighting [kumite] challenge took place on Saturday @ Sport Karate East’s Studio in Dundee and continued until the goal of 100 matches was completed. 

There was an error in the rounds counted, Richard Mallinson actually completed 110 X 2-minute rounds.

To give you a better idea of what this challenge entail’s, it’s like running two marathon’s consecutively while people are trying to punch, kick, sweep and throw you and if this was not tough enough Richard arranged for former Scottish, British, European and [WKF] World Karate Champions to be some of his adversaries. 

Based on our research it appears that this is the first time that the Hyakunin Kumite Challenge has successfully been completed in Scotland. 

In fact there are only 23 other people in the WORLD who have successfully completed this challenge.
We may well be the FIRST in the WORLD to have done the Hyakunin Kumite Challenge using World Karate Federation Rules.

SPORT KARATE EAST is very grateful to each and every one who sponsored this event to assist our young athletes in their endeavours to compete, locally, nationally and internationally.

To date this momentous endeavour by Sport Karate East’s Youth Development Director has raised in excess of a FOUR figure sum, with still quite a number of our sponsors pledges to come in, we should see this figure grow further.

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