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BKF International Open

Third Weekend on The Bounce Our Athletes Hard Work Has Paid Off!


The British Karate Federations International Open event took place at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Complete in Motherwell at the weekend. This saw the SAKAI Association once again taking to the tatami.


In the team events the association took: 

  • GOLD in the Boys Team [7-9yrs of age] with Olly Bryson / Baxter Anderson / Aiden Wyllie
  • BRONZE in the Girls Team [7-9yrs of age] with Caitlin Dunn / Alicia Dailly / Jenna Dailly
  • BRONZE in the Girls Team [10-11yrs of age] with Catriona Martin / Ivy & Mya Anderson


In the individuals the association took: 

  • SILVER in the Boys [7-9yrs of age] category with Aiden Wyllie
  • BRONZE in the Girls [7-9yrs of age] category with Aisha Al-Khatib
  • BRONZE in the Senior Male -75kgs category with Kyle McLean.

This is the third consecutive weekend that we have seen our young athletes make it on to the podium. 

Congratulation to one and all!

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