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British 4 Nations

Victory @ British 4 Nations Championship!


SPORT KARATE EAST had four of their young athletes selected by their parent organisation SAKAI to represent the association at the British 4 Nations at the weekend. The athletes from Dundee selected were Daisy Hutchison, Thomas Bradley, Xander Dunn and Matthew Pratt.

The day started off well with Daisy Hutchison [Dundee] & Eve Watt [Kilmarnock] reaching the FINALS of the Girls 7-9yr Pairs category on their debut at the British 4 Nations. On this occasion this pair of young athletes secured a well-deserved SILVER and Coach Richard Mallinson stated, “We are very optimistic about the future prospects for this pair”.

Next up were Thomas Bradley and Xander Dunn who were in a very large category [Boys 10-11yrs -35kgs] and though the boys put in spirited performances they did not make it onto the podium on this occasion. Coach Richard Mallinson stated, “we are happy with the progress that we are seeing from these two young lads and we are confident of seeing them back on the podium soon”.


The last of the Dundee athletes up was Matthew Pratt in the Boys 10-11yrs +35kgs category. Matthew has represented SAKAI on three previous occasions at the British 4 Nations and has consistently made it onto the podium. This year Matthew went one better and was crowned the British Champion.

There were 37 other athletes from all over the UK selected to participate in this category. Matthew came out very strong in the first round convincingly beating his opponent 6-0 and continued to go from strength to strength round after round utilising his full skill set until he reach the finals. Matthew faced a very experienced young English lad from CEWKA in the final. We changed our strategy for this match and played a more defensive game plan that normal and simply focused on going one up early on in the match and held onto the lead. Matthew used great ring craft to secure the British Title and bring it home to Dundee.

Congratulations on becoming the BRITISH CHAMPION!

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