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Clean Sweep

SPORT KARATE EAST’s Students, made it a Clean Sweep at the 2nd Dundee Active Schools Karate Championship

The 2nd Dundee Active Schools Karate Championship took place today Sunday 4th May 2014, with 120 children from 24 primary schools across the city participating in the event.


  • Girls Under 4ft. Champion – Lilly Kerr, Hillside Primary
  • Girls Under 4ft.4” Champion – Emmie Myles, St. Andrews Primary
  • Girls Over 4ft.4” Champion – Lily Shaw, High School of Dundee


  • Boys Under 4ft. Champion – Charlie Coulson, Craigowl Primary
  • Boys Under 4ft.4” Champion – Ben Stewart, Eastern Primary
  • Boys Under 4ft.4” Athletes Programme Champion – Reece Suttenwood, St. Andrews Primary
  • Boys Over 4ft.4” Champion – Seam McPhee, Ancrum Primary
  • Boys Over 4ft.4” Athletes Programme Champion – Matthew Pratt, Clepington Primary

Congratulations to all of our new CHAMPIONS!


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