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Parents in Dundee are amazed by the positive impact SPORT KARATE EAST’s karate tuition is having on their children

The martial arts skills they are learning here at SKE carry through into everyday life, helping them with their confidence, discipline and respect.

Karate is much more than just kicking, punching and getting the next belt.

It is really about character development and that is why parents are so enamoured with our programme.  

To us, martial arts is the perfect vehicle to inspire greatness in every student we teach.

Karate can not only produce a superb level of total physical fitness but also teaches mental discipline and emotional self-control. SKE not only develops outstanding Martial Artists; we also develop outstanding people!




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Small Group Lessons


Let the Martial Arts Journey Begin!

Pre School Programme

Our classes will enhance positive development in a fun and motivational way

Building Blocks – Our curriculum focuses on improving 4 to 6-year-old children’s basic motor and listening skills.

These skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook.

They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious towards the future.

We believe the time between the ages of 4 and 6 is the most important year of a child’s development.

Children’s Programme

Our classes are the perfect vehicle to inspire greatness in every student we teach.

Unleash Potential – Your child needs a structured programme into which they can channel their energy, improve their focus/listening skills and aid their physical development.

Therefore, if you need a programme that’s going to reinforce the discipline and life skills your child is being taught at home and in school, you’ve found it!

Karate is a wonderful activity that can help both boys and girls alike to achieve complete body health and inner contentment, as it lifts their spirits and stimulates their minds. 

At Sport Karate East we can help your child develop a healthy body and mind.

Youths Programme

Karate is an incredibly effective means of self-development, but it’s also an intense, full-body workout.

Philosophy of Life! – Not only is the art of karate an incredibly effective means of self-development but it is also an intense full-body workout, a philosophy of life and for millions of people around the world an exciting competitive sport.

As in life, we are tested regularly in karate while these tests may take many forms, only two standards are ever really used.

First, in grading; we are tested against ourselves and second; in competition, we are tested against others.

Adults Programme

Karate is one of the most powerful tools for creating positive change.

Healthy Body & Mind – Through the training, you will not only condition your body but your mind as well.

Your confidence will increase through self-discipline and you will achieve greater respect for yourself and others.

You will become a more focused and motivated individual, whilst gaining self-control and the ability to resolve conflicts without violence.

Amazingly, you can develop all of these positive character traits and get in great shape too, with martial arts.  

When you begin your training your age, gender and current physical condition do not matter.

Athletes Programme

The World Karate Federation [WKF] with the introduction of new rules and protective equipment has grown into a safe and popular International Olympic Sport.

There are now more than 100 million people worldwide participating in this activity and over 10 million athletes.  

At Sport Karate East, for students who wish to compete, we have a dedicated WKF competition coaching team who are devoted to training students to be the best athletes they can become, in local, national and international events.

Vanguard Programme

This is the most prestigious activity that any of our members can participate in here at SKE.

Opportunities to join this 36-month internship are rare and by invitation only!

The syllabus is broken down into 12 units, with trainees completing one unit every three months.

Each unit comprises of a combination of theory, knowledge-based activities, guidance and reflection.

KFIT Programme

Keeping yourself healthy & happy is a priority every day.

Our KFIT workout is a unique concept in which members are taught appropriate martial arts techniques by experienced coaches and have great fun letting off steam, striking, punching and kicking!

This is a real martial arts experience without the risk of contact but with all the passion of a professional martial arts workout!

SAS Programme

Here @ SKE, We See Our Students ABILITIES!

SPORT KARATE EAST are thrilled to announce the appointment of Kyle McLean, as SKE’s Senior Sensory & Additional Support Coach.

Kyle comes to this role having taught in Primary Education for over 10 years and has an in-depth knowledge of working with a variety of youngsters who have a wide range of complex needs.

TFT Programme

Radically transform your flexibility with our Targeted Flexibility Training Programme

T.F.T is a mat-based, targeted mobility training programme that simultaneously affects your connective tissues and your nervous system.

The systematic approach focuses on long passive stretches and incorporates standing postures, myofascial release, and a three-pronged approach to the nervous system and soft tissue changes.

The science behind our Targeted Flexibility Training Programme does not advocate stretching ligaments and does not teach or subscribe to structural limitation theory.

Targeted Flexibility Training is unlike any other type of flexibility training that you may have ever practised before.

ITP Programme

The Instructor Training Programme ensures that SKE develops a world-class coaching team.

The ITP Programme assists SKE in developing the skills and resources it needs to grow and educate its world-class coaches.

ITP is SKE’s answer to building an amazing world-class coaching team that will provide the organisation with the support needed to grow SKE and take it to the next level!