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The World Karate Federation [WKF] with the introduction of new rules and protective equipment has grown into a safe and popular International Olympic Sport.

There are now more than 100 million people worldwide participating in this activity and over 10 million athletes. At Sport Karate East, for students who wish to compete, we have a dedicated WKF competition coaching team who are devoted to training students to be the best athletes they can become, in local, national and international events.

Squad Membership

The main quality we look for in a squad member is dedication. Good attendance and continuous training are a must for a successful athlete. Students who train with us year-round and make it to class on a regular basis will almost always succeed with their goals. Good squad members are also those students who don’t give up. You will never become a champion if you lack perseverance.

Are You A Future Champion?

What do successful young athletes have:

  • Commitment & Desire
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Self-Belief
  • Willingness to Continuously Learn
  • Positive Attitude

Becoming proficient at WKF competition karate is an extremely difficult task; you will most likely be learning your entire career. Those who dedicate themselves to Karate and to their own goals are those who will eventually succeed. SKE’s Athletes Programme’s objective is to develop the highest quality competitors through intense training and mentor leadership. Our values guide our training and performance. The team has produced national champions and has many new young athletes poised to take the competition Karate stage by storm in the coming years.

SKE’s Squad Participates In Two Main Disciplines Throughout The Sporting Calendar


In a KATA tournament, you will perform your kata in front of a panel of judges. The judges will be looking for qualities like spirit, timing, good technique and correctness of form.  In assessing the performance of a competitor, the Judges will evaluate the performance based on the two major criteria (technical performance and athletic performance).  

Technical Performance and Athletic Performance are given separate scores using the same scale system via WKF scoring app and the competitors, who receive the highest scores progress to the next round.


In KUMITE, the WKF rules require that techniques used must be appropriately controlled with regards to the area being attacked. Points are awarded for clear and accurate techniques.  There are four ways of attacking and defending, they are punching, kicking, sweeping and throwing. 

In addition to the physical game taking place there is a psychological battle going on between the athletes, which is why often kumite has been labelled “a physical game of chess”. The competitor, who scores the most points wins and progresses to the next round.




If you are interested in joining our squad of athletes, we’d love for you to try out. Our main goal is the physical, mental and emotional development of each of our athletes and we’ve created a winning training atmosphere that’s been proven effective year after year. So, if you feel you have the qualities necessary to make a good squad member and have not as yet received an invitation, please don’t hesitate to indicate your interest in becoming a squad member by completing the Athletes Programme squad membership applications.