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The Martial Arts Industry Accredited Instructor Training Academy Programme ensures that SKE develops a world class coaching staff. The ITA programme assists SKE in the developing the skills and resources it needs to grow and educate its world class coaches.

ITA is SKE’s answer to building an amazing coaching staff that will provide the organisation with the support needed to grow SKE and take it to the next level! The ITA programme has been carefully crafted and created by a team of Martial Arts and Business professionals, with years of successful experience in building teams, growing businesses, and educating others.

The ITA programme is about recognising potential in SKE members and being able to provide them with a high-quality and well-structured development pathway, that benefits their personal and professional growth, while boosting the reputation of SKE as a progressive outward looking forward thinking organisation. The ITA development pathway can be delivered as a refresher and accreditation tool for SKE’s existing coaching staff as well as a vehicle to create new talented world class coaches.


The Martial Arts Certified Instructor Training Academy is a recognised industry standard and the ITA “train the trainer” programme is NOT about how to coach SKE style of karate or it’s curriculum… it is about coaching the team in the best practice for SKE to coach our style and curriculum to be delivered and for SKE to develop as a professional and effective organisation. The ITA Programme focusses on leadership development, personal growth, and business excellence.

The units content relating to coaching includes:

  • Personal Understanding & Development
  • Impressions, Images & Attitude
  • Placement & Contact
  • Communication & Language
  • Customer Service & Relationships
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Ethos & Culture
  • Planning & Structure
  • Time Management & Efficiency
  • Goals & Checklists
  • Character, Needs & Learning Styles
  • Motivation & Mindset
  • Business Structure & Understanding
  • Sales & Selling
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Specialist Training & Best Practice

Instructor Resources

Each ITA registered trainee will be provided with a hard copy workbook for each unit of the programme, along with access to the live recording of each module. As well as receiving the support of the ITA community, there will be input and feedback from the ITA delivery and support team. Here you will be able to access programme support and delivery resources and updates. There will also be a forum available for ITA registered trainee.


On completion of the ITA “train the trainer” aspect of the programme SKE was issued accreditation and permission to use the ITA branding. Upon the trainee’s successful completion of all twelve units, the trainee will graduate from the ITA Programme and will be awarded with a personal ITA Instructor accreditation.