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SPORT KARATE EAST are thrilled to announce the appointment of Kyle McLean, as SKE’s Senior Sensory & Additional Support Coach.

Kyle comes to this role having taught in Primary Education for over 10 years and has an in-depth knowledge of working with a variety of youngsters that have a wide range of complex needs.

Sensory & Additional Support needs can cause stress and anxiety for youngsters and adults alike with complex needs and this can result in some of them not engaging in activities outside of the education environment.

SKE plan to draw on our newly appointed Senior SAS Coach’s experience to use the power of martial arts as a “force for good” and deliver positive and engaging experiences to groups of children and adults in our community.

At SKE we have a VISON of providing a  high quality coaching experience to students with Sensory & Additional Support needs in Dundee and the surrounding areas.

Our Sensory & Additional Support needs programme has been designed with three concepts in mind:

    • To provide a safe and understanding environment for students to access the sport of Karate in which all of their individual needs can be met
    • To develop social and emotional skills through the sport of Karate
    • To develop physical/movement skills through the sport of Karate

Each week of the programme will have a different physical, social and emotional intended outcome.


If your child has Sensory and Additional Support Needs and requires a structured programme into which they can channel their energy, improve their focus / listening skills and aid their physical development, alongside developing their social and emotional skills, then you’ve found it here in our SAS Programme! 

Karate is a wonderful activity that can help both boys and girls alike in developing healthy bodies and minds.  SKE not only develops outstanding Martial Artists; we develop Outstanding People!

Here @ SKE We See Our Students ABILITIES!