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Philosophy of Life!

Not only is the art of karate an incredibly effective means of self-development but it is also an intense full-body workout, a philosophy of life and for millions of people around the world an exciting competitive sport.

As in life, we are tested regularly in karate, while these tests may take many forms, only two standards are ever really used. First, in a grading, we are tested against ourselves and second, in competition, we are tested against others.

Grading’s are just like taking exams at school, college or university. Karate has a simple system of ranking ability, the student or kyu grades are awarded coloured belts, while the graduate or dan grades are numbered. Grading’s in karate are an evaluation of your progress towards the physical and mental mastery of the art of Karate.

It is a method of physical, psychological and spiritual development all rolled into one. Karate encourages the unlimited development of your physical and mental powers.

Competition on the other hand, is where karate’s philosophy and techniques merge with good, old-fashioned, get-out-there-and-win, “thrill of victory, upset of defeat” sport.

As in all sports, there are rules you will need to know, mistakes you will need to avoid and goals you will need to set and achieve. Karate has a high participation level with over 10 million athletes and over 100 million practitioners involved in karate; few sports can attract such high participation levels among practitioners and athletes as karate does around the world.


We at Sport Karate East are dedicated to teaching Shukokai Karate to the very highest standard. Our staff are vetted through Disclosure Scotland and are registered with the Scottish Karate Governing Body and carry professional indemnity insurance. Our staff stay at the forefront of coaching and attend regular seminars and courses to enhance their professional development.