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IKKU Invitational

On Sunday 5th March, we travelled to Dublin in Ireland with 20 athletes to participate in the IKKU Invitation Championships.  Firstly congratulations to all of the athletes selected to represent the SPORT KARATE SAKAI Association in Dublin.

We had some solid performances and hotly contested matches, along with various areas of our game in which we can improve.

The squad took thirteen podium places.

  • GOLD – 5
  • SILVER – 2
  • BRONZE – 6

First up onto the tatami and leading the charge was Frankie Coulter taking Gold in the Boys Kumite 8|9yrs of age -29Kgs category. Frankie was on-fire and set the tone for the day!

Ollie Bryson was a man on a mission winning the Boys Kumite 10|11yrs of age -34Kgs category convincingly.

Connor Mccluskey had to dig deep to overcome a very skilful adversary to win the Boys Kumite 10|11yrs of age +34Kgs category.

Caitlin Dunn celebrated her birthday today in spectacular style by winning the Girls Kumite 12|13yrs of age +47Kgs category, 13-5 with 4 head kicks within 15 seconds. The birthday girl was on form for sure!

The final category of the day climaxed with a nail-biting all SAKAI Association final between Eve Watt and her partner in crime Daisy Hutchison in the Female Cadet Kumite +54Kgs category.

Daisy turned the tide of the final with 0.4 of a second left on the clock to snatch the victory. A great action-packed conclusion to the day’s proceedings from both of our athletes.


  • Eve Watt – Female Cadet Kumite +54Kgs category
  • Kory Coulter – Boys Kumite 12|13yrs of age -50Kgs category


  • Franklin Herron – Boys Kumite 7yrs of age category
  • Jacob McGlone – Boys Kumite 12|13yrs -50Kgs category
  • Campbell Stewart – Boys Kumite 12|13yrs +50Kgs category
  • Scott Collins – Male Cadet Kumite -52Kgs category
  • Liam Collins – Male Junior Kumite -61Kgs category
  • Lewis Bryson – Male Junior Kumite +61Kgs category

We can’t wait till the next time we see our athletes step back onto the tatami and do what they love to do and challenge themselves to perform to their potential yet again!

None of these athletes could do what they love to do without the support and encouragement of their families.

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