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Outstanding KUMITE Development Event


SKE’s KUMITE Development Event today Sunday 5th May 2024 did not disappoint.

Yet again, the athletes brought intensity, focus, and an amazing work ethic to the day’s activities.

Today’s event’s focus was on reacting to changes in distance, as well as slipping the punch and executing a 3-point takedown.

Reacting to Changes in Distance: During today’s event, our athletes delved into the intricacies of reacting to changes in distance. This crucial skill requires split-second decision-making and precise footwork. By mastering this skill, our athletes enhance their ability to control engagements, keeping them one step ahead of their opponents.

Slipping the Punch: A highlight of today’s event was the focus on slipping punches, a fundamental defensive technique in martial arts. With precision and agility, our athletes learned to evade incoming strikes while maintaining their stance and balance. Through repetitive drills and guided practice, our athletes gained confidence in their ability to slip punches and control the flow of the match.

Executing 3-Point Takedowns: Another area of emphasis today was mastering the art of the 3-point takedown. This technique requires a combination of timing, leverage, and technique to successfully off-balance and control an opponent. By refining their takedown skills, our athletes expand their arsenal of techniques, making them formidable competitors in both offence and defence.

Competitive Match Play: The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the competitive match play session. Athletes showcased their skills and strategies in live sparring sessions, putting their training into practice in a dynamic and challenging environment. Overall, the match play session provided invaluable experience and served as a testament to the dedication and passion of our athletes.

Of course, the match play was competitive, and we made sure we had lots and lots of FUN!

🥋💥 Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Join us at our next KUMITE Development Event and become part of our dynamic martial arts community!

🌟🥊 Also, don’t miss out on watching the video highlights that give you a small flavour of today’s proceedings! 🎥👀

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