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SAKAI Black Belt Grading

SPORT KARATE EAST’s Bob Davidson has now achieved a coveted SAKAI 4th Dan [Yondan]

After 9 years of dedicated training here at SPORT KARATE EAST it is with great pride that I can confirm that Bob Davidson has now achieved a coveted SAKAI 4th Dan [Yondan] on Saturday 10th October 2015 at our Humbu [Head Quarters] in Kilmarnock.  Bob was awarded his 4th Dan from the SAKAI Associations Founder and Chief Instructor, Sensie David M Coulter MBE, 7th Dan and our Associations Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Kris Coulter 5th Dan.

The SAKAI Black Belt Grading is a rite of passage, it was both physically and mentally challenging for Bob but the reward at the end was PRICELESS.  The grading started with Kihon.  Bob then had to perform 22 different combination techniques from memory. Next up Bob had to fight 20 Kumite matches, before having to perform our mandatory Kata’s and then a further 4 advanced Kata’s from SAKAI’s approved Kata list. Last but no means least he then had to perform a further 22 different combination techniques from memory.  

Bob's - SAKAI 4th Dan

Our experience shows that one in ten thousand make it to 1st Dan [Shodan] so you can work out for yourself how many martial artists make it to 4th Dan [Yondan].

This is a very exclusive club, being a 4th Dan or above.  So congratulations on achieving this significant milestone on your lifelong karate journey enjoy your achievement and keep training hard.

Congratulations Bob you did yourself proud! 

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