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SAKAI History

Today “SAKAI HISTORY” was made by Matthew Pratt!


It is with enormous pride that I can confirm that SPORT KARATE EAST has a new SAKAI Association Black Belt. Matthew Pratt was awarded this from Sensei David M Coulter MBE, 8th Dan and our Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Kris Coulter 5th Dan, on Saturday, 21st April 2018 at our Hunbu [Head Quarters] in Kilmarnock.

Today “SAKAI HISTORY” was made by Matthew Pratt becoming the youngest ever person to have earned the right to be called a SAKAI BLACKBELT having dedicated the past eight and a half years to karate. 

Matthew has achieved the coveted status of a SAKAI BLACKBELT and has completed the 1st Stage of his karate apprenticeship.  

The SAKAI Black Belt Grading is a rite of passage, it was both physically and mentally challenging for Matthew, but the reward at the end was PRICELESS.  In addition, too Kihon, Matthew had to perform 44 different combinations not in sequence from memory, 8 Kata’s individually and in a group, a written exam against the clock, and at the end of all of that, he had to fight a minimum of 20 Kumite matches.

Matthew’s SHODAN [First Dan] is very important to SPORT KARATE EAST, his 1st Dan basically means that Matthew has mastered the fundamental techniques of karate along with the psychological and mental development necessary to make his karate effective.

Matthew’s first and foremost responsibility is to train. A First Dan has just started their journey. Part of the growth process that occurs in karate is just plain old everyday hard work that goes with doing something over and over again until one gets really good at it.

Achieving the rank of a First Dan Black Belt is hard, really hard!  Most people just don’t stick with it. Our experience shows that less than one percent of all the people who try karate ever make it to First Dan. So, congratulations on achieving your first step on the ladder of what we hope is a lifelong karate journey, enjoy your achievement and keep training hard.


Congratulations Matthew you did yourself proud!

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