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Scottish Championship

Selected Athletes Achieved Podium Places!


The SAKAI Karate Association, in which SPORT KARATE EAST has membership, took a small select squad to the National KUMITE Championships. We believe the selection process was successful, as the selected athletes achieved podium places in all bar one of the categories participated within.

Individual Result

  • Liam Collins – GOLD [Boys Under 4ft.4”] Kilmarnock
  • Eve Watt – GOLD [Girls Under 4ft.4”] Kilmarnock
  • Kaydyn Forbes – BRONZE [Boys +5ft.8”] Dundee
  • Liam Anderson – BRONZE [Boys +5ft.8”] Kilmarnock
  • Matthew Pratt – BRONZE [Boys +5ft.4”] Dundee
  • Stephanie Gorman – BRONZE [Under 5ft.] Kilmarnock
  • Allan Jones – BRONZE [Under 65kgs] Dundee
  • Sean Turnbull – BRONZE [Under 70kgs] Kilmarnock
  • Kyle McLeod – BRONZE [Under 80kgs] Dundee


Team Results

  • Boys Under 4ft.4” – SILVER [Filip Zmudzinski – Dundee, Liam Collins – Kilmarnock, Archie Turnbull – Dundee]
  • Boys Under 4ft.8” – SILVER [Liam Anderson – Kilmarnock, Lewis Bryson – Kilmarnock, Kaydyn Forbes – Dundee]
  • Girls Under 4ft.8” – BRONZE [Daisy Hutchison – Dundee, Eve Watt – Kilmarnock, Kyla Low – Dundee]


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the athletes selected to compete at this event and represented SAKAI!

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