Scottish International Grand Prix #1 - Sport Karate East

Scottish International Grand Prix #1

Today closes off the first half of the year’s tournament session with the Grand Prix.  We achieved:

🥇 GOLD – Ethan Anderson
🥈 SILVER – Sophie Hocking
🥉 BRONZE – Sophie Hocking, Cara Fleming, Alana Burlaka, Jacob McGlone

For our athletes who did not make it onto the podium this time, valuable lessons were learned. Dust yourself off and go again.

Focus on your performance, and the podium spots will take care of themselves.

👏 Shoutouts:
Xander Dunn for stepping up into the coach seat today
Caitlin Dunn for supporting the athletes while recovering from an injury
Hayley Wilson for assisting as a Table Official

Well done, team! 🥋💪

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