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SKE’s Athlete of the Year Wins Season Opener!

Karate athletes from Dumfries to Dundee travelled to the capital on Sunday for this season’s opening event the “Meadowbank Open Karate Championship” which saw Dundee’s little pocket rocket Daisy Hutchison crowned the Girls Under 4ft 5” Champion.

Daisy used good timing on her reverse punch [Gyaku Zuki] to maximum effect throughout the rounds scoring consistently with this technique. However she did not get it all her own way battling to the final as she was required to use both her lighting fast head kicks [Mawashi Jodan and Mawashi Uchi Jodan] and her signature technique of a powerful turning kick to the body [Mawashi Chudan], which none of the other thirty one girls in her category appreciated receiving.

In the final match of the day Daisy was extremely focused and had a shutout, not allow the other girl to score a single point, winning 4 – 0.

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