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SKE’s Fight Night Fundraiser

What a fabulous evening full of spectacular performances
So where do we start, well, first of all we are immensely proud of all of the young athletes who took to the tatami and put on an amazing show.
We need to THANK our friends @ Launch Pad Dance Studio for their breathtaking routers
We also want to give a GREAT BIG shoutout to Morrisons who kindly supported us at this evenings event.
Campbell was presented his Fight Night WINNERS Medal as well as his New Karate Suit from “Nikki Miller” from Morrisons.
Campbell racked up an impressive 39 points over the course of the evening to be crowned CHAMPION!
Here is the video highlights from the evenings proceeding!
Finally we need to thank the athletes organising committee and all the parents and our community who support our karate family.
We are truly blessed to be at the heart of the community here in Dundee!

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