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The Roots And Branches Of Karate-do

Today more than 100 styles of Japanese and Okinawan Karate are being practiced around the world, so it can be a bit tough and tricky to figure out which oneSKE belongs too.The good news is that all modern styles of karate come from a couple of common sources in Okinawa. When we say that karate is a tree with many roots and branches, we mean that the tree itself represents the fact that karate is a family with branches of different styles – both karate as a whole and its individual branches all have roots in common ancestors.

SPORT KARATE EAST was established in 2006 by Richard Mallinson. SKE has continued to follow in its parent organisations footsteps in producing local, national and international champions and has many new young athletes poised to take the competition karate stage by storm in the coming years.Here is a video outlining the heritage of our style of karate “SHUKOKAI” and the origins of our organisation.

Our Happy Clients


It is with enormous pride that I can confirm that SPORT KARATE EAST has a new SAKAI Association Black Belt. Xander Dunn was awarded this from Sensei David M Coulter MBE, 8th Dan and our Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Kris Coulter 6th Dan, on Saturday, 30th November 2019 at our Hunbu [Head Quarters] in Kilmarnock.

Xander Dunn

Xander Dunn