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SKF Championship

The SKF Championship was held in Linlithgow Academy today and the proceedings opened up with a Double Gold for the Dailly sisters.

First on to the Gold podium spot in the Girls Under 4ft category was Jenna Dailly. Jenna did not lose a single point throughout the day winning 10-0 / 10-0 / 8-0.

Rapidly following her on to the Gold podium spot was her big sister Alicia Dailly in the Girls Under 4ft 5″ category. Alicia only dropped one single point on her way to being crowned SKF Champion, winning 3-0 / 10-0 /1-0 / 3-1.


Armaan Ibidunu had to battle threw a very large category of sixty four athletes in the Boys Under 4ft 5″ Kyu Grade category to be crowned SKF Champion.


The next Gold medallist was Connor McCluskey in the Boys Under 4ft 5″ category.  Dundees very own “Pocket Rocket” Daisy Hutchison joined her fellow club mates as the final Gold medallist of the day for us in the Girls Under 5ft 2″ category.

In addition to our 5-Gold medals, we also had the following 5-Bronze medallists:

  • Sophie Hocking – Girls Under 5ft 2″ category
  • Calvin Herd – Boys Under 4ft category
  • Jacob McGlone – Boys Under 4ft 5″ category
  • Xander Dunn – Boys Over 5ft 2″ category
  • Kaydyn Forbes – Cadet +60kgs category

We had a good solid performance from all of the squad members, you are all making progress. Remember focus on the performance you are putting in and the podium places will come, but most importantly have FUN!