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Sakai Is Sport Karate East’s Parent Organisation

SAKAI has expanded over the years to become an Association of clubs in Ayrshire, Dundee and Angus. The SAKAI Honbu [head quarters] is based in Kilmarnock.

SAKAI was established in 1979 and over the course of its history members from the Association have won every major championship title available to them from the Scottish, British, European, Commonwealth and World Championships.SAKAI members have won these titles as individual and in the team discipline.The SAKAI organisation has over the years produced numerous excellent athletes who have gone on to represent Scotland and Great Britain and this continues to be one of the Associations’ strategic objectives.

SPORT KARATE SAKAI Association’s founder and Chief Instructor, Sensei David Coulter MBE 8th Dan, lead from the front setting the expectations of the organisation. Sensei Coulter won Two World Championship Team Titles, Two Individual European Championship Titles, Seven National Team Championship Titles and Four Individual National Championship Titles and Captained the Scottish Team for many years…

What Does The Association Logo Symbolise?

The logo consists of two key elements. The first is the Kestrel – one of the fastest birds of prey in the world. It’s not the largest hunter out there but it’s specifically designed for speed and when it’s in pursuit mode, it never takes its eye off of its prize. The second is the standard Shukokai Fist. This element signifies our heritage and the signature technique of our founder.

The two elements combined in the logo really sum up the essence of the founder & Chief Instructor of our Association, Sensei David Coulter MBE.

Sensei Coulter was a phenomenal athlete and even with his slight frame was feared and respected by all other internationalists around the world. He was a smart, fast, skilful athlete who had the heart of lion. He was renowned for his lightning fast punching prowess and that he would not take a step backwards, always keeping his eyes on the prize till the job was done. Sensei Coulter’s example in hunting for points, rapidly and skilfully swooping in for them and then escaping back into open space has inspired and helped produce generation after generation of world-class athletes, who have won at local, national and international level.

So, when you look at this LOGO, be inspired to be all you can be and live up to the legacy of the legend that is Sensei David Coulter MBE.

Our Happy Clients


It is with enormous pride that I can confirm that SPORT KARATE EAST has a new SAKAI Association Black Belt. Xander Dunn was awarded this from Sensei David M Coulter MBE, 8th Dan and our Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Kris Coulter 6th Dan, on Saturday, 30th November 2019 at our Hunbu [Head Quarters] in Kilmarnock.

Xander Dunn

Xander Dunn